Start Up Capital Savings: $4,010
Monthly Recurring Savings: $3,815 a mo

Due to the economies of scale, it is more flexible and cost effective to join other small businesses at California Business Center, than doing it alone.
Do the math! Analyze your company's big picture. We′re in business to save your overall costs.

Start Up Costs

ServiceAvailable from CBCTraditional / CBC Costs
1st Month RentFree at California Business Center$580 / 0
Security DepositTypically one mo?s rent – may be less or more.$580 / 0
Office Set UpReception station, lounge and kitchen, conference room$2,500 / 0
Deposits on Leased Copier / Office EquipmentEquipping your office takes time, money and often a long-term commitment. Assumes leasing a B/W and color copier, and security system.$175 / 0
Phone, Internet & Fax Installation. If Mo To Mo Contract AvailableWe can let in the technicians. No hourly jack installation fees or taxes. $175 / 0

Zero Start-Up Costs At California Business Center. $4,010 / $0

Monthly Costs

ExpensesAvailable from CBCTraditional / CBC Costs
Monthly fee for private officePrivate suite plus over 1,200 sq feet for reception area, lounge, kitchen. Prices vary by office. Exterior window offices higher. Add $85 mo if needing a second desk.$580 / $290
Office OverheadFull-time receptionist including taxes, paying a temp agency for vacation & sick days. Air conditioning. Heating. Electricity. Copier lease (it’s 4 cents at CBC) $200-$400 mo. Shredding. Janitorial five days/week, and other building operating expenses. Basic services are included. $2800+ / $290
Internet OptionsFiber optic internet 100MB speed included at CBC. 100MB should meet most companies’ needs. You don’t need a long-term fiber contract.Free Fiber Optic $1000+ / 0.
Kitchen SuppliesCoffee service, tea, sugar, cream included at CBC.$15 / $0


  • Comparing office spaces for one desk. Bonus at CBC are extra 1,200 sq ft of common spaces for lobby, kitchens, lounges, optional meeting rooms.
  • Traditional leasing typically requires a 1-4 year lease. CBC offers a month-to-month agreements or longer.
  • Only pay for what you need. Ask for any needed details.

Mo Total Costs: Traditional  / CBC  /  Savings

$5,195  / $580 = Save $3,815 Mo

Additional Available Benefits at CBC: Free or Very Affordable

  • Finding, hiring and training the right receptionist/assistant takes time and resources. You’re saved from setting up payroll and insurance.
  • You’re saved from renting extra space on a conventional long-term conventional lease for your possible future expansion. At California Business Center only add suites as needed even if you’re on a long term lease. Conventional offices can require tenant improvement costs.
  • Free: Small business libraries, multi-layer security system installation, more.