Fairfield is Solano County’s business capital and government seat.  The main highways connecting Solano, Napa and Yolo Counties intersect near California Business Center. Fairfield is located at the mid-point between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Driving Times From California Business Center During Normal Traffic (approx)
  • Berkeley: 30 min
  • Concord: 22 min
  • Davis: 25 min
  • Lake Tahoe: 2 hrs 45 min
  • Napa: 20 min
  • Palo Alto: 1 hr 30 min
  • Sacramento: 45 min
  • San Francisco: 45 min
  • Vacaville: 8 min
  • Vallejo: 13 min
  • Walnut Creek: 38 min


Fairfield has a large number of highly educated and talented employees. Most people commute outside the city to work full or part time, but prefer to work locally. Fairfield's young, family-oriented population of about 106,000 can grow with your company. Almost 78% of our residents are families versus 65% for the inner Bay Area. The median age is 31 years. The inner Bay Area’s average is 37 years.

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Fairfield’s Community Center offers subsidized preschool, arts, crafts, computer, dance, music and nature study. A network of parks with jogging and biking paths connect near California Business Center. A large park is diagonally across the street. The city has protected rolling hills, and boasts 17 other parks. The 650 acre Rockville Park is a 10 minutes drive through farm lands and vineyards. Fairfield has a number of golf courses. Executive-style housing neighbors some of the golf courses and compliment the calmness of the surrounding rolling hills and open space. Also enjoy the wine country of Napa and the cosmopolitan night life of  San Francisco.

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